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The Dinan Turbo Inlets are a straightforward bolt-on upgrade that significantly enhances the performance of your luxury sedan. They address the major bottleneck in the factory intake system: the turbocharger inlets themselves. This cost-effective upgrade is crucial for unlocking the maximum power potential of your vehicle.


From the factory, the plastic inlets constrict airflow by narrowing dramatically as they approach the turbochargers. This restriction increases the pressure ratio pre-turbine, forcing the turbochargers to work harder. Dinan engineers meticulously prototyped and tested these inlets to ensure maximum future power potential and compatibility with various configurations. The result is the Dinan Turbo Inlets, constructed from gloss UV-coated 2x2 carbon fiber, designed to integrate seamlessly with either stock air boxes or the full Dinan Cold Air Intake System. Where the carbon fiber ends, an aluminum adapter connects to the stock turbocharger using the factory locking system, making installation straightforward and secure.


The inlets offer the largest possible cross-sectional area from the intake filter to the turbo, providing a staggering 200% increase in volume over the stock inlets. This increase is key to the performance gains from the system and explains the unique, organic shape of the Dinan inlets. On a vehicle equipped with factory airboxes, the additional volume results in average gains of +11 WHP and +13 WTQ from 2000 RPM to redline. When paired with the Dinan Cold Air Intake, the entire system’s efficiency is maximized, delivering increased volumes of cooler air earlier in the intake tract.


Robust testing with a fully instrumented engine demonstrated the numerous benefits of the Dinan Turbo Inlets beyond the dyno room and flow bench. They help the turbocharger operate at a lower pressure ratio, leading to greater efficiency, lower pre-turbine backpressure, lower turbocharger shaft speeds, lower compressor discharge temperatures, and the ability to achieve higher boost pressure levels.



- More Power: Max gains of 22 WHP and 18 lb-ft of torque @ 6500 RPM on an otherwise stock vehicle. Average gains of 11 WHP and 13 WTQ from 2000 RPM to redline.

-*Outflows the factory inlets.

- Larger internal diameter throughout: Maximum cross-sectional area allowed.

- Increased Volume: ~200% more than stock; 105 cubic inches vs. 35 cubic inches per side.

- Carbon fiber construction: Provides heat insulation and visual appeal.

- Compatibility: Works with both OEM and Dinan intake systems (compatibility with other intakes not guaranteed).

- Quick and easy bolt-on installation.


Upgrade to the Dinan Turbo Inlets to enhance your BMW's performance, efficiency, and aesthetics effortlessly.


SKU: D760-0053
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