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The Dinan Tension Strut Ball Joint Kit, often overlooked yet vital for a true driver's suspension, harkens back to an era where road feel was paramount. Born from BMW M's racing heritage, drivers sought a visceral connection to the road, a sensation Dinan has masterfully captured and refined for everyday driving.


By replacing the stock rubber bushings in the thrust arms with precision ball joints and machined aluminum housings, the Dinan kit delivers unparalleled responsiveness. Say goodbye to the deflection of rubber bushings and hello to improved steering feel and reduced brake shimmy. What's more, our nylon-lined bearings ensure whisper-quiet operation, making them suitable for daily driving without compromise.


These bearings are not only the quietest on the market but also sealed with a rubber boot to fend off dirt and road grime, ensuring longevity and reliability.



- Improved steering responsiveness

- Reduction in brake shimmy

- Whisper-quiet nylon-lined bearings

- Precision machined aluminum housings

- Sealed bearings for durability and longevity

DINAN TENSION STRUT BALL JOINT KIT - 2018-2023 BMW M5 & 2020-2024 M8

SKU: D280-0019
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