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The Dinan Resonator Delete Kit for the F90 M5 amplifies the car's sound, introducing a more aggressive tone and increased volume compared to the stock system. When paired with the Dinan exhaust, it delivers a smoother, fuller, and more assertive note, befitting a high-performance sedan.


This kit replaces the hydro-formed factory resonator section with 80mm T304 stainless steel tubing, enhancing exhaust flow. Instead of the stock resonator, Dinan's kit features a beautifully crafted X-pipe made from mandrel-bent tubing, minimizing restrictions and promoting even flow to both banks of tips. This sophisticated X-pipe is the system's aesthetic and functional centerpiece, eliminating unwanted sound nuances caused by uneven exhaust flow typical in stock systems.



- Louder, smoother, and fuller sound

- Deletes resonator between catalyst and rear muffler for increased volume

- Includes X-pipe crossover made from mandrel-bent tubing to promote even flow with minimal restriction

- 3.15" (80mm) tubing replaces stock hydro-formed piping

- 100% T304 stainless steel construction with a brushed finish

- Easy bolt-on installation with included mounting hardware


Experience the perfect blend of performance and sound enhancement with the Dinan Resonator Delete Kit for your F90 M5.


SKU: D660-0081
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