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For the discerning driver seeking peak performance from their vehicle, the Dinan Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension combines race-tested engineering with street refinement for unparalleled versatility. Experience newfound confidence at higher speeds with improved traction and handling in any environment.


Retaining the factory electronic shocks, Dinan enhances the suspension with more aggressive springs and threaded collars for adjustable ride height. Unlike traditional stiffer springs that sacrifice ride quality, Dinan employs linear rate rear springs for a smoother feel without compromising performance. The result? Reduced body roll, dive under braking, and squat under acceleration, alongside a sleek lowered stance for enhanced aesthetics.


With increased suspension travel, the car can be lowered up to 2 inches in the front and 2-1/8 inches in the rear, though Dinan recommends a more moderate 1" drop in front and 1-1/8" drop in the rear for optimal ride quality. Suspension packers are included for fine-tuning handling and comfort by adjusting bump-stop clearance.



- Threaded collars for precise height adjustments

- Up to 2" lowering in front and 2-1/8" in rear possible, with recommended 1" drop in front and 1-1/8" drop in rear

- 20% stiffer front springs, 15% stiffer rear springs

- Linear rate rear springs for improved ride quality

- Helper springs maintain suspension operation and accommodate stock shock travel

- Substantial reduction in body roll

- Suspension packers for bump-stop clearance adjustment

- Dinan-spec progressive bump stops for improved ride quality

- Components machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for corrosion protection

- Utilizes stock upper spring mounts for quiet operation


Please note, careful evaluation of tire clearance is necessary during installation to ensure safety and prevent property damage or injury. Dinan is not responsible for any issues resulting from improper installation.


SKU: D190-0901
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