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The Dinan Experience packages go beyond the Foundation model, addressing both the engine and chassis for a fully tuned vehicle. While power modifications are often the first step in customization, they don't fully enhance the car's enjoyment in all driving scenarios. By integrating suspension upgrades with power enhancements, the vehicle becomes more than just the sum of its parts. This comprehensive approach improves engine performance, handling, aesthetics, and ensures reliability and safety, delivering a true OEM+ experience - the Dinan Experience.


Starting with the base Experience package, which includes core hardware modifications (intake, exhaust, and base suspension), or opting for advanced packages, each Experience package qualifies the vehicle for a Dinan decklid badge, distinguishing it in the marketplace.


To receive the corresponding decklid badge, fill out the form under "tech resources" at the link below and submit it along with a copy of the invoice to




We understand that building a modified car in stages is often preferred for various reasons, including financial considerations and uncertainty about how far the modification journey will go. However, building in stages can result in mixed and matched parts that weren't designed to work together, leading to sub-par results and dissatisfaction. By purchasing and installing curated packages of parts designed to work in harmony, you avoid these issues and enjoy a complete solution from day one. Additionally, package purchases come with a 10% discount compared to buying the same components separately.




- Dinan Gloss Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake (D760-0049): Increases flow and efficiency, enhances underhood visual appeal

- Dinan Free Flow Axle-Back Exhaust with Black Tips (D660-0079-BLK) and X-Pipe (D660-0081): Provides maximum aural pleasure

- Dinan Performance Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension System (D190-0901): Improves handling and aesthetics while retaining ride quality

- Dinan ZF8 Pedal Pads (D700-0001): Improves grip




- Maximum gains of +6 HP and +5 lb-ft of torque (Exhaust)

- Smoother, louder, and sportier sound (Exhaust + X-Pipe)

- Retains computer-controlled exhaust valves for noise control during low-speed driving, fully opens during high-load conditions (Exhaust)

- Deletes resonator between the catalyst and rear muffler for increased volume (X-Pipe)

- Reduced intake restriction with an additional inlet for greater flow, increasing turbo efficiency and power potential (Intake)

- Improved throttle response (Intake)

- Vehicle lowered by 1" in the front and 1-1/8” in the rear, with an option to lower up to 2” all around (Coil-Over Suspension)

- Substantial reduction in body roll for improved handling and performance (Coil-Over Suspension)

- Stylish high-performance look for the interior (Pedal Pads)

- Every Experience Package qualifies for the fabled Dinan decklid badge


SKU: F90-M5-E-BA
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