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The M5 stands as the flagship of BMW, deserving only the best components. The Dinan Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake for the latest M5 embodies this philosophy, offering what is arguably the best performing and most efficient sealed intake solution available, while also being visually stunning.


The first thing you'll notice upon opening the engine bay is the extensive gloss UV-coated 2x2 carbon fiber, spanning the entire compartment thanks to a fully functional secondary air inlet wishbone. This beautiful material not only enhances the look but also deflects heat. The wishbone, similar to the F8x M3/M4's design, serves a different purpose here: it channels air from a central hood scoop behind the front grilles to supplement the factory inlet locations. Enlarged air boxes equipped with massive filters handle the increased airflow, ensuring the intake system operates at peak efficiency.


Though the stock intake system supports up to stage 1 power levels, upgrading to the Dinan system offers significant performance benefits. By reducing the pressure depression in the stock system, the turbo works less to achieve targeted power, leading to lower pre-turbine backpressure, lower turbocharger shaft speeds, lower compressor discharge temperatures, and the ability to reach higher boost pressure levels. With the optional Dinan Turbo Inlets, these effects are even more pronounced. Additionally, the system improves throttle response, slightly enhances acoustics, and offers a visual appeal that is sure to impress.



- Increased turbo efficiency, reliability, and headroom

- 11% greater airflow than stock (Stock: 575 CFM, Dinan: 637 CFM @ 28" H2O per bank)

- Improved throttle response

- Center wishbone inlet/scoop incorporated as an additional secondary air source for maximum airflow

- Larger volume air boxes (31% larger than stock) that completely seal, allowing for increased air volume utilization

- 35% increase in filter area (Stock: 56.5in², Dinan: 80in² per side) for optimal flow

- Easy bolt-on installation


The Dinan F90 M5 carbon fiber intake system not only boosts performance but also enhances the overall aesthetics, making it a perfect complement to the "best."


SKU: D760-0049
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